Quads FAQs

Q: Why are there different versions of Quads for the iPad and the iPhone / iPod touch?

A: This was a difficult call, but in the end, if we were to provide iPhone and iPad sets of code and images, the overall download would be much larger. Further, to best take advantage of the physical screen space of both devices, and make both games playable, the buttons needed differing pixel dimensions on the small versus the larger devices. On the iPad, the buttons are literally the bounds of the graphic making up the button, whereas on the iPhone, the button touch region is larger than the graphic being displayed, and indeed overtakes the gameboard in places to make them more easily pressable on the smaller physical screen. View the snapshots below.


Q: Why aren't tetromino pieces allowed to move from 1 fall direction through to another?

A: It is possible that if pieces were allowed to move through, a never-ending game could result from a player simply allowing all pieces to fall through. Further, in the most classic "Tris" game, this is a physical impossibility, there is a definite bottom. With Quads, we wanted to stay authentic to the classic, while still providing quite a challenge boost, and different gameplay. Below we show the possible fall locations of each type of piece, this is our way of providing a specific bottom for each piece.



Q: How do I make larger and larger Quads?

A: The corner bumpers move independently away from and back toward the center drop zone. If there is a piece directly next to a bumper (i.e. touching the bumper's side), then that bumper will move away from the center drop zone. When a Quad is cleared from the game board, if the remaining pieces result in no pieces being next to the bumper and no pieces are already corner to corner with the bumper, then the bumper will be moved back toward the center drop zone.

Q: Why are there 4 sets of buttons, one on each side of the board?

A: When playing the game in multiple simultaneous pieces mode, functionally there would be no way to distinguish which piece a button's action is meant for. Imagine a situation where 2 pieces are falling, one from the top and one from the bottom, and there were only one set of buttons on the bottom of the screen. If a player presses left, which of the two pieces should be moved left, the top or bottom? This is why there are multiple sets of buttons. It is true that when playing Quads with only one piece falling at a time, only 1 set of buttons are truly needed. We of course are hoping that people enjoy and want to play Quads in multiple simultaneous piece mode.

Q: What are the buttons in the corner for and why are they there?

A: The corner buttons are used primarly in multiple simultaneous piece mode. These buttons can be used to retire 2 tetrominos at a time. Each corner button has the ability to retire tetrominos falling in the adjacent directions to the button itself. As an example, the top right corner drop button, may drop pieces falling from the top or right, but not from the bottom or left.