Quads MP HD for iPad

Quads MP HD is Bubble Imagineering' first ever game. Produced thus far for the iPad, this game was inspired by our owner's sister, who loves the legacy game Quads is based on, but through time has found it has gotten easier and easier. We set out to create a game that goes beyond where other "Tris" like games have gone, providing a much more engaging and challenging experience.

Quads uses the 7 standard (I, L, J, S, Z, T, and O) tetromino pieces falling from 4 different directions toward a square center Drop Zone. The twist with Quads is, players must arrange the randomly falling pieces into complete Quadrilaterals (Squares or Rectangles) centered around the Drop Zone in order to clear any tetrominos from the game board. For added challenge, when levels are cleared, the game randomly chooses whether to speed up the standard movement of tetrominos, or increase the size of the center drop zone (shinking the fall area pieces have, and increasing the minimum size of the Quads that must be built). Beyond these challenges, a player may choose to have multiple tetromino pieces falling simultaneously.

Figure 1 shows Quads MP HD being played in multi-player mode with 4 players. Notice all 4 directions have pieces falling toward the center drop zone (purple colored square in the center of the gameboard), the colors of the pieces falling match the colors of the players currently playing, and a "hold" location on each side of the gameboard. In multi-player mode, pieces are assigned to users by color, if you are player 1 and your color is green, all green tetrominos are assigned to you.


Complete Quads MP HD Feature List:

     ★ Challenging Single Player (SP) "Tris" like gameplay mode
     ★ Competitive Multi-player (MP) mode (on the same iPad)

     ★ Allow up to 4 simultaneous falling pieces for added challenge

     ★ NO Ads
     ★ 17 levels of gameplay in single or multi-player modes ( Center Drop zone

          sizes from 8 x 8 to 24 x 24, and 9 speed levels)

     ★ Themed artwork for each level

     ★ 4 Different Gaming Modes (Marathon, Drop Zone Growth Only,

         Speed Increase Only, Static Level)

     ★ Multiple control methods (use the buttons, or drag and tap the actual pieces
         to manipulate, swipe anywhere in the pieces moving direction to retire)

     ★ Choose your level of difficulty by allowing only squares versus rectangle clearing

     ★ Choose to enable or disable showing of future pieces and hold location

     ★ Enable "ghosts" to show the ultimate fall location of pieces as they fall
     ★ Save as many "In-Progress" games as you want

     ★ Multi-tasking support, exit and re-enter to the same game you left

     ★ Save your favorite initial game state settings (so that you can just press "play")

     ★ Full instruction manual


As in many other "tris" like favorites, there is no "End" to this game, but we do dare you to attain level 17 in marathon mode starting at level 1. We've never done it, can you?


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