Quads MP HD

is a new game that calls upon the legacy and heritage of a long time favorite.  Quads MP HD utilizes new interface technologies such as touch screens and multi-touch to create a much more challenging, engaging, and addictive variant upon the line of “Tris” game favorites.

Quads MP HD uses the 7 standard (I, L, J, S, Z, T, and O) tetromino pieces falling from 4 different directions toward a square center Drop Zone. The twist with Quads is, players must arrange the randomly falling pieces into complete Quadrilaterals (Squares or Rectangles) centered around the Drop Zone in order to clear any tetrominos from the game board.


The multi-directional concept behind Quads, along with the multi-touch screen of the iPad come together to create a truly novel multi-player experience. Quads MP HD is and will only be available on the physically larger screen table devices. It just isnt possible on small devices. We hope you have tons of fun with friends and family playing Quads MP HD in the only truly competitive "Tris" like game on the iPad.

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Quads SP HD

Quads SP HD is a single player only version of Quads built for the iPad. We chose to provide this version for those who want Quads but don't feel they will ever play it in multi-player mode. Since the multi-player version needs to be played on a single iPad, many people wont have the time to setup a multi-player game with other people. For this reason, Quads SP HD provides a cheaper alternative for users wanting Quads, but dont feel they will ever play it in multi-player mode.

Quads SP HD Free

Quads SP HD Free is exactly the same game as Quads SP HD above with many levels removed, 2 gaming modes removed, a maximum of 2 simultaneous falling pieces allowed, and the addition of ads.

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Bubble Chemicals Lite HD

Bubble Chemicals Lite HD is an extremely functional visualization tool for the young chemist through the most knowledgable professional chemist. This visualization tool centers around the periodic table, and could indeed be viewed as simply that. We obviously didn't stop there...

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Bubble Spectrum HD

Bubble Spectrum HD is a tool like none other. No really, there is nothing out there even similar. There are other websites that show static views of the emission lines of each element. Where this tool differentiates itself is in it's ability to display to the user emission, absorption, for any portion of the spectrum (visible and invisible). Zoom and pan to any region of the spectrum you wish with this truly unique tool built for physics students and astrophysicists alike.


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