Bubble Spectrum HD for iPad

Bubble Spectrum is truly a one of a kind product. While there are websites, and java programs that attempt to do similar, none have the flexible capabilities of Bubble Spectrum HD. This product begins with a locally held version of the NIST database for emission lines. It dynamically puts together its visible representation from that. We dont stop there though. Where we are completely separate from all other product on the market is, we allow complete zooming in (to a spread of as small as .01 nanometers) and out (use pinch and spread gestures right on the specttrum to accomplish) to as large as you wish. We fighured out a clever way of displaying the emission spectra outside the visible regions. With zooming and the ability to view non-visible portions of the spectrum, users can also easily pan smaller and larger the spectrum view also. We offer complete flexibility for the user to view the emission spectra for all elements for which data exists through complete live algorithmic rendering of the spectrum and lines. Look below for the full feature list for this product.






Complete Bubble Spectrum HD Feature List:

     ★ View emission spectra for all Elements containing NIST data

     ★ Viewability of non-visible regions of the EM spectrum

     ★ Finger drag based panning to any region of the spectrum

     ★ two finger (multi-touch) based zooming in and out

     ★ Zooming in to as small as .01 nanometer spectra resolution

         (to get a better look at lines without graphical aliasing getting

         in the way)

     ★ Key-in input for max and min spectral limits

     ★ View in Emission or Absorption mode

     ★ View in observed only mode, Ritz only mode, or Both mode
     ★ View spectra as observed in Air, Vacuum or both simultaneously

     ★ Enable or Disable the use of Relative Intensities

     ★ Enable or Disable the Full Spectrum View on Top

     ★ Enable or Disable nanometer markers

     ★ Adjustable nanometer markers

     ★ Full Data Table view

     ★ Quick view buttons for common regions of the spectrum

     ★ View Emission lines from any combination of ionization energies

         (ability to turn on and off each ionization energy separately)

     ★ Quick buttons for turning all ionization energies on and off

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