Bubble Chemicals Lite for iPhone and iPod Touch

Bubble Chemicals Lite is the most feature rich and capable periodic table app available for the iPhone and iPod touch today. Whether you're a 1st year chemistry student, or a professional chemist, this periodic table app has something for you. Utilizing the interface from Bubble Chemicals Lite HD for iPad and it's completely upgraded and more user friendly interface, this version has been modified to better take advantage of the smaller physical screen size. We believe this is the periodic table for your iPhone or iPod touch.


While we can't use the menu driven interface from the iPad (as popover views are not available on the iPhone and iPod touch), you will notice that this version for the iPhone and iPod touch looks almost exactly like it's iPad counterpart. All capabilities are accessible through separtate views, versus menus. All capabilities available in the iPad version are also available in this iPhone / iPod touch version. Just as in the iPad version a table view has been added allowing users to see all the data from all elements and proerties in one table. This data table view can be sorted by any property simply by tapping on the column header (property name). Another feature added to this version is live recognized, internet connected Wikipedia Views. For users that wish to learn even more about the elements, or the properties that make them up, there are popover windows that allow you to view the Wikipedia Page for the element currently being viewed in the properties panel, and others allowing you to see the Wikipedia pages for the definitions of each property type. As users move into and out of internet connected regions, the buttons allowing Wikipedia access will come alive and go to sleep just the same, even as the app stays open. If you like this product, and you own an iPad, then you should also check out Bubble Chemicals Lite HD for iPad.


Complete Bubble Chemicals Lite Feature List:

     ★ New more user friendly interface

     ★ 9 different periodic table orientations for better understandin

         and visualization of family property trends (an extended form

         is also included to show the theoretical elements up through

         atomic number 218)

     ★ Enable or disable display of radioactive elements

     ★ View 18 properties for each element (also resistivity for

         multiple temp values)

     ★ Performs unit conversions for applicable properties

     ★ View electron configuration in long or short form

     ★ Graph properties with atomic number on the x-axis, and values

         on the y-axis

     ★ Graph multiple properties on the same graph to better visualize

         trends between properties

     ★ Graph single families at a time to better understand trends

         applicable for certain properties on each family

     ★ Graph properties as pseudo-colored intensity maps on the

         actual periodic table

     ★ 27 pseudo-coloring scales provided (All reversable too) hoping

         to alleviate color blindness issues

     ★ Log scaling of all graph capable views

     ★ Live Liquid, Solid, Gas view on the periodic table (view the state

         of all elements at any temperature between 0 and 5600 celcius)

     ★ Internal interface to wikipedia for all elements (under atomic

         number 119) for those people wanting even more information

     ★ Internal interface to Wikipedia for all property definitions

     ★ A bohr model, lewis dot diagram, and Electron Fill and Spin

         diagram of each element

     ★ A table view of all properties and elements allowing users to sort

         the data by any property they wish

     ★ Single picture of each element



Stay tuned of this great line of products. We do plan to release a pro version incorporating many more properties of each element, and visualization capabilities.

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