About Bubble Imagineering Inc.

Bubble Imagineering, Inc. was founded in 2009 as an engineering consultation / contracting company by Ryan Shier. As a contractor, Ryan performed on projects ranging from software based image processing algorithms for aerial applications, to custom Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementations for communications, to a full SOC architecture and design for an SSD controller. Prior to this, he has held numerous full time positions leading and being involved in many ASIC and SOC FPGA designs, embedded and real-time software systems, as well as some mac and windows type programming on the side. Ryan has always pursued projects outside of his full time jobs, one of which was a mac and windows version of Bubble Chemicals (yet to be launched).


Utilizing his experience, Ryan has now shifted Bubble Imagineering' focus toward being solely a product based business. While our current products only exist on Apple's iOS platforms, we are not limiting ourselves. With our first game (Quads) being released, we are already in the works moving it to the Android OS, as well as evaluating whether to bring it to Blackberry tablets, Windows based touch devices, and even some portable console based systems.


Bubble Imagineering is a company of Inspiration, Innovation, Invention, and Imagination. Because of this, we want not to have a single area of focus, but rather to bring great products to many arenas. We continue to have ideas in education, science, mathematics, gaming, and many others. We are constantly coming up with new and exciting projects, the only problem is having the time to develop and bring them to market.